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How Google Conned The World of SEOs

RankBrain + Penguin + The Disavow Tool = Google.CON On Friday 23rd September 2016 Google officially announced that Penguin 4.0 was being rolled out and with that the Penguin Algorithm had now been integrated into their core algorithm. It took them a longtime and everyone in the SEO industry kept waiting for this to happen. Why […]

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The Death of RankBrain? The SEOs Strike Back : Episode 1

Alright, so its been about a year and a half (perhaps two years) since RankBrain has been feeding itself with all the search queries that us mortal humans have been typing into Google. Google has been tracking all our activity on its site and as we went about visiting websites… so it could secretly build its […]

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Link Removal Requests to Webmasters – Sample Templates

1st Mail Draft Subject: Google Penalty & I really need your help Dear Webmaster: I recently received notice from Google that my website has been assessed a penalty after they detected unnatural links pointing to my website The only way that Google will consider placing my website back in their index is by getting […]

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Got slapped? Here’s How To Deal with A Google Slap

The battle’s lost… but the war’s not over. Before you go on your all out rampage, you’ll need to be patient and understand what happened exactly so you can plan for the rest of the war. This can be very hard, but who said life was easy?  [sociallocker id=581] Click here to download the full […]

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Google Takes Aim At Press Releases

Google has now updated its Link Schemes documents in the guidelines saying that it now considers optimized links inside content distributed across other sites as in Articles or Press Releases to be unnatural. This line from the Google Webmaster Guidelines, specifies the point… Links with optimized anchor text in articles or press releases distributed on […]

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Anchor Link Ratios Revisited

I regularly get new clients who come to me with slapped sites and are totally panicking because they don’t know what went wrong. Many of these clients worked with bad SEO companies low quality link builders who have not bothered to keep up to date with the Penguin updates and what Google wants to see […]

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First Things First – Fix Your Anchor Links, Baby

If you suspect your site got hit by the Penguin update that just rolled out, the first thing you need to do is STOP WHINING because it won’t help you. Stopped? OK 🙂 Now calm down, take a deep breath and examine your “anchor link” over-optimization (Penguin is mostly about the anchor links pointing back […]

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SEO in A New World Ruled by Penguins and Pandas

Today, I’m going to discuss various factors that you need to look at to ensure that you comply with the past, present and future Google Algorithm Updates – that seem to be getting rolled out with higher frequency. Understanding what Google wants currently will ensure that your site remains protected from the current updates and […]

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