How Google Conned The World of SEOs

RankBrain + Penguin + The Disavow Tool = Google.CON On Friday 23rd September 2016 Google officially announced that Penguin 4.0 was being rolled out and with that the Penguin Algorithm had now been integrated into their core algorithm. It took them a longtime and everyone in the SEO industry kept waiting for this to happen. Why […]

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Penguin 4 and what it means for SEOs

  On September 28th, Gary Illyes announced that sites that were hit by Penguin 3.0 will start seeing recoveries in their rankings with Penguin 4.0 as the links would no longer carry a negative score with them. The links would just be devalued. This could potentially result in a jump if you had healthy links […]

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The Death of RankBrain? The SEOs Strike Back : Episode 1

Alright, so its been about a year and a half (perhaps two years) since RankBrain has been feeding itself with all the search queries that us mortal humans have been typing into Google. Google has been tracking all our activity on its site and as we went about visiting websites… so it could secretly build its […]

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SEO in 2016 and Beyond – Updated Google Ranking Factors

Google Search is moving heavily towards Artificial Intelligence and deep (machine) learning. We can see this happening specifically for  – (a) “never before seen querries”… that are basically querries for which Google needs to understand search intent. and (b) to rank pages that have no backlinks to them There is no other way that Google could […]

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Link Removal Requests to Webmasters – Sample Templates

1st Mail Draft Subject: Google Penalty & I really need your help Dear Webmaster: I recently received notice from Google that my website has been assessed a penalty after they detected unnatural links pointing to my website The only way that Google will consider placing my website back in their index is by getting […]

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Got slapped? Here’s How To Deal with A Google Slap

The battle’s lost… but the war’s not over. Before you go on your all out rampage, you’ll need to be patient and understand what happened exactly so you can plan for the rest of the war. This can be very hard, but who said life was easy?  This report will primarily discuss the Penguin Algorithm […]

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Google Turning Up the Heat Even More with Penguin 2.1

Its been a couple of weeks now since Google released the Penguin 2.1 update. Although Google has claimed that only 1% of search results have been effected, it looks like a ton of people have been burnt yet again. After reading up a few related blog posts and forums where real people have shared real data, here’s the kind of links Google has now started targeting with Penguin 2.1

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Google Takes Aim At Press Releases

Google has now updated its Link Schemes documents in the guidelines saying that it now considers optimized links inside content distributed across other sites as in Articles or Press Releases to be unnatural. This line from the Google Webmaster Guidelines, specifies the point… Links with optimized anchor text in articles or press releases distributed on […]

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Guest Blogging – Now Being Targeted

It appears that as of August 2013, Google is now going to target websites that are indulging in mass guest posts – IF the posts and/or the sites being posted to are of low quality and are not adding much value to readers. There is now clear evidence that Google wants you to NoFollow your […]

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