Link Clean Up and Removal Process Overview

Here’s an high level overview of the link clean up and removal process… Do You have access to Automated Link Analysis Tools like Detox, LinkRisk, Cognitive SEO etc? IF YES… Download Your Backlink Profile with the prelimnary link rating, inspection data and email contacts – all already provided by these tools. Start the email communication […]

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Anchor Link Ratios Revisited

I regularly get new clients who come to me with slapped sites and are totally panicking because they don’t know what went wrong. Many of these clients worked with bad SEO companies low quality link builders who have not bothered to keep up to date with the Penguin updates and what Google wants to see […]

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First Things First – Fix Your Anchor Links, Baby

If you suspect your site got hit by the Penguin update that just rolled out, the first thing you need to do is STOP WHINING because it won’t help you. Stopped? OK 🙂 Now calm down, take a deep breath and examine your “anchor link” over-optimization (Penguin is mostly about the anchor links pointing back […]

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SEO in A New World Ruled by Penguins and Pandas

Today, I’m going to discuss various factors that you need to look at to ensure that you comply with the past, present and future Google Algorithm Updates – that seem to be getting rolled out with higher frequency. Understanding what Google wants currently will ensure that your site remains protected from the current updates and […]

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Negative SEO – A Myth or Reality?

Before the Penguin update Google would handle links it considered to be webspam to pass down zero link juice value to the pages they linked to. This meant, you could go about in building a large amount of low quality links to your page for under $10 – with absolutely no risk. If it worked […]

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Has The Penguin Gone Crazy?

Penguin 1.0 goes crazy leaving SEO forums in chaos. If you visited online marketing forums, right after Penguin 1.0 was released – you would have seen several threads that went into pages and pages of innocent people who got slapped by the crazy Penguin. You will see that the Penguin has hit countless of innocent […]

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