It Don’t Matter if You’re Black or White

The Penguin 1 and 2 updates have hit sites that have used black hat or white hat tactics. Many quality sites that have been playing it safe and by the Google rules have been caught in the crossfire. Some people say that all link building is essentially blackhat – because you are directly or indirectly […]

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Google Penguin Update – The Story So Far

24th April 2012 has been marked as the day SEO changed forever. On this day, Google rolled out the initial version of its Penguin update in an attempt to rampage against so called “web spam”. Google primarily wanted to target pages that appeared high up in their SERPs that were building excessive backlinks in an […]

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Brace Thyself! The Army of Penguins is Here

Google expects us to abandon other business growth opportunities and try to spend time to figure out what needs to be fixed in our backlink profiles every time they change things around. We’re expected to troll the forums and decipher their “changing SEO puzzle” and find out what really is happening with each update they […]

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Penguin 2.0 Update – Initial Observations and Notes

Penguin 2.0 was released on 22nd May 2013 and affected 2.3% of English queries. Below are some initial observations and notes on Penguin 2.0 … Penguin 2.0 is mostly a refinement of Penguin 1.0 – and may well have very similar criteria. Sites with large fraction of thin un-trusted links were hit. Several large networks […]

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A Sample Reconsideration Request Message to Google

Hello Google Search Quality Team, We are submitting our site,, for reconsideration after receiving an email several months ago stating that we have unnatural links to our site. In the past, we have built backlinks to our website from other places on the Internet such as – Low quality Directory Sites Low quality Social […]

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Classification of the Quality of Various Backlinks

Below a quick classification of some link types and their quality in the post penguin-panda world. Having excessive thin directory links even if from trusted sites could damage your “trust”. So, for example – having excessive thin directory links even if from local or industry niche specific sites CAN hurt you if you don’t have other relevant […]

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You’re one step away…

  Do you still want access to Secret SEO Methods, tricks and awesome actionable tips that work? Simply click the link in the confirmation email that I sent you to verify your email address – and you’re all set.  

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Yippie Yay Yay!

Thanks for confirming your email! I’m super excited to have you in my group. To get started, i’ve just sent you a quick SEO hack 🙂 And, wait…. there’s more cool stuff coming every week as I learn some awesome stuff from around the hidden innerwebs. I’ll also be recording live as I do some super-secret […]

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