Competitive Analysis

Spy on your top competitors and see how they are driving traffic. Gain insights into their top products and services, and reverse engineer whats working for them.

Do you know what value the top ranking sites in your industry driving in from SEO?

With our Competitive Analysis Service, we will analyze the top 3 websites in your niche.

We'll spy on all the keywords they're currently ranking for, their popular pages, the kind of search engine traffic they are generating and we'll do an assessment of how much business they are generating. 

We will then reverse engineer their entire SEO strategy and make a plan so that we can understand what we're up against, to get you to rank #1

Imagine having the power similar to peeking into all your competitors Google Analytics data, all their SEO tactics and their entire online business analytics and numbers. 

That is exactly what we setup for you with our Competitive Analysis Service.

We will take your top 3 competitors and slice and dice their complete online business analytics and share it with you, in an easy to understand manner. We'll then jointly discuss things at length with you, so we can make a solid plan of attack when we start your SEO project.

Some of the Competitive Data We Get For You...

  • Top ranking pages for each significant keyword that includes significant SEO data metrics for each page
  • Top competitors in the niche that are ranking for various keywords in your niche
  • Comprehensive list of keywords each competitor is ranking for and the corresponding pages that are ranking
  • Google and other Search Engine traffic estimates by numbers for each competitor
  • Top ranking pages for primary keywords that includes significant SEO data metrics for each ranking page
  • Social Media traffic from sources and by numbers for each competitor
  • Source of all traffic to competitor sites in detail along with historical monthly trends
  • Traffic source to each site by numbers - direct, mail, social, referrals, organic search, paid search, display ads
  • Desktop vs Mobile traffic, Average duration per visitor, average time on site and bounce rates
  • Geographical break down of all traffic - outlining most popular countries etc.
  • Backlink profile in detail for each competitor site - includes top backlinks and strength metrics data for each backlink
  • Other backlink metrics like - link velocity, anchor ratio graphs, nofollow vs dofollow, edu links, link authority data etc.
  • Social viral popularity, votes etc. of top trending and popular content
  • PPC strategy break down - all display ads being run on various channels, and their specifics and performance

How do we manage to do this?

For starters we have years of experience understanding what data is important in which tool. Simply having access to the tools is not enough and wont get you too far. You need to understand how to analyze the data based on the project needs and market. We have access to premium tools and systems that would cost you thousands of dollars in subscription were you to access them. We need them because we're running a premium business that utilizes and monetizes them on a daily basis for clients.

The data is provided in the form of charts and excel files that can be inspected in detail. We follow up with a conference call that walks you through the important specifics of the data and we craft an SEO strategy for you around our analysis.

A Thorough Competitive Analysis will Help You

  • Get a birds eye view on all the top players in your niche and what they are doing with their SEO.
  • Get an idea of exactly how much business are the top ranking sites drawing in your industry.
  • Identify any easy gaps that might exist that you did not notice.
  • Reverse engineer the exact strategies that the top players in your industry are using.
  • Understand how much free traffic and how big of an opportunity you are missing out on. 
  • Get insights into exactly how your competition is making money from their SEO.
  • Learn how much time and effort your competitors have invested in SEO.
  • Realize if there are any quick-wins or short-cuts to get you top rankings.
  • Understand exactly what kind of time and investment you need to put in to rank on top.

Ready to Rank on Top?

We're very selective while choosing whom we work with. If you're a small business thats self-funded and just starting out, we may not be the right team for you. We typically work with estabilished businesses that have customers and an online website. That said, we also do often tend to work with startups that have solid funding and/or a business model that is unique and exciting.

Please do complete the pre-qualification form at the link below, so you may help us understand your business better. We will then follow up with an initial consultion call at no charge with you. Kindly ensure you fill up all the required fields. Thank you!

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