Ecommerce SEO

Directly rank storewide product pages, so they are found during "buyer intent" search querries. Compete with the big players by executing solid Ecommerce SEO.

To Build a Real Ecommerce Business You Need Solid Technical SEO

Ecommerce SEO when done right can make the cash register of your online store ring endlessly.

However, getting SEO done right for Ecommerce sites is no small feat. If you're competing with the big players and other niche stores in your niche, you need solid Ecommerce and technical SEO to get proper visibility in Google.

Our Ecommerce SEO services can help you get storewide rankings for all your top selling products.

We'll work with you closely and help you get every aspect of your Ecommerce architecture right no matter what CMS you have built your site on.

Ecommerce SEO requires A Specific Set of Techniques

SEO for Ecommerce sites required special handling. Its very easy to fall into a countless number of SEO traps that can damage your sites rankings in Google in the long term. Over 90% of ecommerce stores online are making technical and optimization errors in their SEO that are resulting in a loss in Google visibility and rankings for terms that should be easy to dominate.

Is your store seen as a Toxic Ecommerce Destination by Google?

If your site is suffering from issues like duplicate content, thin content, a lack of original images, or missing and misconfigured schematic data, missing reviews, bad silo structuring and site architecture - then its not going to rank no matter how beautiful your site is or how unique your niche is or even if the competition is low. If Google does not get the right signals your site might as well not exist for Google search traffic.

Talk to us today, and we'll start by doing an Ecommerce Audit for your store. We'll then address and fix all your Ecommerce issues so you store can get a rush of buyers directly hunting for your products on Google.

Our Ecommerce SEO Solution Can Help You

  • Gain immediate visibility in Google for all your top selling products
  • Understand what changes you need to make and updates you need to be doing to keep your site on top.
  • Get insights into what kind of traffic and business you can expect whenm you site is architected properly
  • Analyze the business your competitors are getting and identify their top selling products.
  • Identify where your site is failing and how to help fix things.
  • Identify which products have the maximum potential and how to get them the rankings and exposure you seek.
  • Setup proper Schema XML and sitemaps so your site is discovered properly by Google and users.
  • Identify any site structural issues so we can help you optimize and fix them immediately.
  • Avoid product content duplicate issues with Google so your site delivers value to users.
  • Track exactly which keywords and ranking and giving you business so you can boost them further.
  • Optimize your ecomemrce CMS solution with proper plugins and architecture to maximize your SEO benefits.

Ready to Rank on Top?

We're very selective while choosing whom we work with. If you're a small business thats self-funded and just starting out, we may not be the right team for you. We typically work with estabilished businesses that have customers and an online website. That said, we also do often tend to work with startups that have solid funding and/or a business model that is unique and exciting.

Please do complete the pre-qualification form at the link below, so you may help us understand your business better. We will then follow up with an initial consultion call at no charge with you. Kindly ensure you fill up all the required fields. Thank you!

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