Local SEO

Increase your local presence and branding by getting found online by audiences geo-located in your area. Multiply your foot-falls and get a lot more walk-in customers.

Is your target market located in specific regions?

If you have a business that targets audiences located in one or more regions, then you need Local SEO.

Our Local SEO service helps you rank in the Google "snack pack". It also helps you rank for geo-keyword searches done by users. These are searches that contain your keywords combined with a city or region.

We start by registering your business with a Google My Business Account.

Once you get a verified Google My Business Account, we will start to scale out your local presence across multiple channels and listings so you can get maximum visibility in the Google Local Listings.

We will carefull craft your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) data so Google "reads" it correctly from an SEO perspective and all the local citations we do give you maximum ranking benefits.

Local SEO when done right gives you a double benefit of ranking in the Local Snack Pack as well as organic listings.

We help maximize your presence on Google Maps and local business listings. We help you get positive reviews from real customers. We will also help you get exposure in niche directories that are specific to your industry, so your local signals are pushed through to Google.

If your store gets walk-in customers we wil increase its foot-falls by exposing its online presence with potential local audience.

We will help you identify a Google Local Photographer to maximize your brand exposure with a 3D store tour, if required.

Our Local SEO Service Can Help Your Business

  • Reach out to potential customers in specific regions online and around your business location.
  • If you have walk-in customers, this is a grat way to increase your foot-falls.
  • Increase your branding in one or more local areas where you have physical presence.
  • We can help you grow your business out to into multiple cities if you can service customers there.
  • Get hyper-targeted customers by being visible in the famous Google local "snack-pack".
  • Show up in Google organic search as well, as an added bonus thereby doubling your traffic.
  • Get a Google My Business page and professionally showcase your brand and photographs to the world.
  • Get found on Google Maps so people can find directions to your business easily.
  • Display amazing reviews from raving fans and customers of yoru business.
  • Over 50% of web traffic is mobile. Being visible in Google+Local gives you an added advantage.
  • Get increased presence by listing your business in industry specific directories as well as local sites.

Ready to Rank on Top?

We are a results driven SEO Agency, and we take on a limited number of new clients every month - with a minimum required commitment of 3 to 6 months. We're also very selective while choosing whom we work with.​

We typically work with established businesses and professionals who understand their markets and customers, and also have the ability to service new traffic and leads that we generate.

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