Penalty Evaluation and Recovery

Did you loose majority of you rankings overnight? Are you experiencing a sudden drop in traffic? Analyze what went wrong and fix things so you regain lost rankings.

Did Your Site Disappear from Google or Loose majority of its rankings overnight?

Lets face it... getting sandboxed by Google is not easy to deal with.

There are many demoting factors that your site may be receiving from Google and you may not even be aware it is happening. Our penalty evaluation and recovery service can help you understand what went wrong and how things can be fixed.

We can help your site regain lost rankings, and get back in the SEO game.

Here's our our Google Penalty Analysis and Recovery Service Works and What We Can Do For You

The Recovery Services has several stages and steps which need to be carried out in a phased manner. However, you may opt to have specific individual services done.

Please find listed below a list of Google Recovery Services we offer. All the high level analysis and evaluation is done by our CEO, and the individual link inspection and link removal is done by my team who he oversees personally.

We can offer all the services at a package discount, or individual services and modules – should you prefer that option.

Do note that we cannot guarantee a Google Recovery (nobody can!) – but we can increase the probability of your recovery. In case of a manual penalty, we help you submitting and resubmitting the reconsideration requests until Google lifts the penalty.

Phase 1: High Level Backlink Profile Inspection of Website Effected

  • We will create and inspect your website’s historical backlink profile, comparing it to various Google updates and list the positive and negative probability of each update on your website.
  • We will outline and recommend what went wrong, when and which penalties seem to have effected you and what each penalty means from the viewpoint of a recovery.
  • We will generate a comprehensive report the checks every backlink of your profile, and will assign a “risk level” to each backlink based on specific factors that Google considers while profiling backlinks.
  • We will do an audit overview of your off-page backlink profile by looking at various Penguin and other related off-page penalties such as anchor text distribution ratios, excessive content spinning, presence of link farms, low quality links, being part of private blog networks and other problematic backlink profile scenarios that could be potentially hurting your site., suggesting the fixes to make your backlink profile as Natural looking as possible.
  • We will suggest the best method for recovery for your website based on a “quick automated recovery plan” or a more “in-depth manual link inspection and recovery plan”. This will give you 2 options, and each can be executed based on your budget and how aggressive you would like to be in the initial stages of recovery.

Phase 2: Link Quality Checks

(a) Manually Done

  • We will Manually inspect each backlink in your profile across every unique domain and prepare a report for you identifying each link as “Healthy” or “Unhealthy”, along with a reason why each link is labelled so.
  • Each person is well versed with a set of guidelines that they are to follow while making the link inspections, as incorrect classification could result in extended recovery cycles and loss of positive link juice if a healthy backlink is incorrectly classified as unhealthy.
  • Once the manual quality check is completed, I will compare it with Phase 1 report and suggest which “Unhealthy” links could be edited to be made “Healthy” where and if possible so you don’t lose out on potentially positive link juice flow.

(b) Automated Check

If you would rather do an automated link classification based on the report generated for you from Phase 1 above. We will simply sort the data into different clusters and generate a spreadsheet based on a quality threshold that we suggest and decide upon mutually. This type of inspection and classification is ideal for webmasters on a tight budget.

Phase 3: Link Pruning Services

  • We will compile a list of all Unhealthy URLs per domain, from the list above, that need to be contacted requesting link deletion.
  • We will share a well written email with you for your final approval before we start.
  • We will send out an email followed by 2 reminders per unique domain that is marked Unhealthy.
  • All communication and correspondence details (date, email, reminder, outcome etc,) will be logged in a spreadsheet for you, so you may submit it with your reconsideration request or include as comments within your Disavow submission.
  • We cannot guarantee the success rate of deletion, but from my experience – it has been around 5% to 10%. This is perfectly normal and nothing to be alarmed about as Google wants to specifically see your “proof of effort” which is what we will prepare for you in an excel sheet as above.

Phase 4: Preparing Your Disavow Submission File

  • We will take all the relevant data from the above services and prepare a Disavow File for submission in the proper manner.
  • We will send you a brief step by step procedure on how to go about submitting it to Google, or we can get it done for you.

Phase 5: Manual Reconsideration Request (only required, if you received a Manual Penalty)

  • If your site has received a manual penalty via a notice in Google Webmaster Tools message area, then you need to file for a manual reconsideration.
  • This will have a person in the Google webspam team manually inspect your backlink profile signals, disavow document, and the effort you have made to fix things.
  • We will prepare a proper Reconsideration Request as per Google guidelines and tailor make it to your project and include all relevant data and links to spreadsheets, disavow submission etc.

Dealing with Rejections from Google

  • It is very common to have your Reconsideration request rejected.
  • We have seen as many as 4 resubmissions required on several occasions.
  • We will attend to where Google is saying the problem is in their email to you and fix things.
  • We will resubmit all documents again, after attending to the issue.

On-Site SEO Audit (Panda & Penguin Based)

  • If your site is potentially suffering from a Panda penalty (which we can detect based on above reports we generate for you), We will do a thorough on-site audit from the view point of the Panda Updates and requirements for a Panda friendly site, conforming to all the various Panda issues.
  • We will suggest what areas need to be fixed and how to go about fixing them, should this be required to recover your site more quickly and effectively

Hourly Consultancy (Google Site Recovery and SEO Services)

  • We are also available over Skype to do scheduled consultancy for Google site recovery based solutions.
  • We can be available within 24 to 48 hours of your booking time.
  • A minimum booking time slot of 30 minutes is required.

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